International Distributors

Contego’s European brand name is CON-RFB.  It is the exact same formulation as Contego (HS) Reactive Fire Barrier Intumescent (RFB).  Only the name is different.  Access information and documents here: CON-RFB.

United Sates

Marty Zimmerman
Director, Sales and Marketing

Toll Free:            800.434.6444, option 2




Melvin Martin

Phone:        800.434.6444, option 3




John M. Schwartz
Director, International Operations


International Distributors

Exclusive Distributor Middle East
Gulf Crossings LLC

Exclusive Distributor Puerto Rico
Contego of Puerto Rico, Corp.

Exclusive Distributor Romania
S.C.Omega Contego S.R.L.




Exclusive Distributor Northern Europe
Biokjemi Norge

Exclusive Distributor SE Asia
Asia Paint (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Exclusive Distributor Latin America
TSW Builders

More Information

You can also email us for information on the full-service Contego dealer near you:
or contact us by phone: 800-434-6444 
Outside USA call: 1-317-580-0665