The European brand name of Contego’s Fire Barrier Intumescent Latex Paint… same paint, different name.

Beautifully thin, amazingly affordable, incomparably reliable intumescent paint.

When you apply CON-RFB Intumescent Latex Paint to virtually any substrate you can rest assured that you’ve got the best in fire protection. Whether treating steel beams in a high-rise building or airport or small circuit boards, CON-RFB provides unmatched fire protection and thermal resistance. This top-of-the-line passive fire barrier is the solution to your fire protection needs… non-toxic, beautifully thin, amazingly affordable, incomparably reliable. CON-RFB makes the world a safer place.

To ensure the quality of CON-RFB intumescent fire barrier paint and its support of global fire resistance standards, CON-RFB is ISO 9001:2015 Registered and the ETA is being updated to a superior EAD.

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CON-RFB tubs