Contego Fire Retardant Paint – Better Than FR Lumber

Whenever there’s a project that specifies FR lumber (pressure treated fire retardant lumber) Contego fire retardant paint offers a profitable solution that will help contractors acquire that job.

Contego recently saved a hotel project in Nevada where the framing contractor used regular dimensional lumber on four stories of framing including the sheer wall. The building inspector noted that it should have been FR lumber and was NOT – so there was no certificate of occupancy until it was all torn down and replaced with FR lumber.

Contego to the rescue!

Our recommendation was to simply apply two coats of Contego to the existing wood.  Not only did it save them from a $1.2 million loss, it led to an entirely new standard that will displace FR for all of their designs in all markets and over all brands.  Here’s how Contego compares to FR and delivers HUGE advantages to the architect, general contractor, framing sub and property owner:

Our data on dimensional lumber FAR exceeds the stats for any FR lumber on the market. We have LOWER flame spread and smoke production (0x0) – FR lumber doesn’t come close.

We are neither toxic nor carcinogenic (read the MSDS on any FR product and you will find otherwise). Note that FR lumber manufacturers rarely if ever offer their MSDS online as we do.  Get some, read them and you’ll see why.  FR is so problematic that it’s often suggested that the scraps not be burned, although people often do.

Contego fire retardant paint offers far better thermal resistance.

FR destroys the lectins in the wood causing massive loss of structural integrity in as little as 2 years. (See USDA studies – links below)

FR also dissolves whatever attachments you use – screws, nails, hangars, etc., unless they’re stainless steel. Think about that one. On the job, FR causes logistics problems because it is special order. If you run short, you’re in a bind. Dimensional lumber (and Contego) is readily available, making the project scalable.

Last, but certainly not least – our fire retardant paint on dimensional lumber plus the labor to apply it is considerably less expensive than FR lumber.  FR lumber is a weaker, inferior, less fire resistant assembly that eventually will fail. That’s why many leading hotel chains have changed their specifications away from FR wood to Contego on dimensional lumber.

Using contego fire retardant paint on dimensional wood construction is a better idea than using FR lumber.

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