Contego Intumescent Latex is an Ideal Alternative to Drywall

Contego Thin-film Intumescent Latex is an ideal alternative to drywall as a fire barrier in situations where a decorative finish is not required.CONTEGO HAS PASSED THE CRITICAL UBC26-2 THERMAL BARRIER TEST WITH A 23 MINUTE RATING!


Contego Passive Fire Barrier Latex has passed the rigorous UBC 26- 2 Thermal Barrier Test at Omega Point Labs. The chosen substrate was 7/16 Oriented Strand Board. The test ran for 23 minutes to cover the standard requirement of 15 minutes as well as the more demanding 20 minute requirement for HUD applications.  Contego had zero flame and smoke spread rating and the temperature on the back of the test board never exceeded the critical 250 degree Fahrenheit benchmark.

Contego also passed the UBC 26-3 Corner Room Test (see below) with minimal smoke and Flame spread without flashover in the chamber. Backside temp did not exceed 175 degree F.

This battery of difficult and important tests, especially when combined with Contego’s NFPA 286 room burn and ASTM E84 burn data, qualifies Contego Thin-film Intumescent Latex as an ideal alternative to drywall as a fire barrier in situations where a decorative finish is not required. Contego applies and cleans up just like normal latex primer. A Contego barrier costs roughly 50% less than a drywall barrier.  Contego products are environmentally friendly and completely non-toxic. Contego PFB reduces the cost of using OSB as well as SIPs panels while offering superior fire protection.

Contego Passive Fire Barrier passes the rigorous UBC 26-3 Corner room burn test.

Contego International’s Passive Fire Barrier Latex was put to the ultimate test to see if it could protect Oriented Strand Board (OSB) from the ravages of fire. Contego met all requirements set out in the rigorous test protocol. The importance of this event cannot be underestimated as it qualifies this thin Film Intumescent for use on OSB as well as on Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), the fastest growing segment of the building industry. Currently, a layer of 1/2″ drywall over SIPs or OSB is required to meet most building codes. Based on the results of the UBC 26-3, Contego has been demonstrated to be an acceptable alternative to drywall over SIPs or OSB at a much lower cost per square foot.

Contego Latex Fire Barrier Intumescent Passes Critical NFPA Test

With the increased awareness and attention to the cause of fires and fire spread within structures the NFPA developed a new test measuring the contribution non fabric wall treatments make to the spread of fire from the room of origination to adjacent rooms. This is determined by measuring heat contribution and flame spread within an enclosed space over a 15 minute period. Contego’s Fire Barrier Intumescent Paint performed perfectly. This test ensures users that that Contego’s Thin Film Passive Barrier will not contribute to the spread of fire within a structure and indeed will reduce if not eliminate fire spread via any surface treated with Contego.