Exciting News (This is a truly revolutionary intumescent deck assembly)

Contego’s New D603 Floor Ceiling Assembly from UL Finally Puts An End to The Cementitious Nightmare for Fireproofing Decks

Ugly cementitious fireproofing would be better with intumescent deck assembly

Gone are the days of horrifically ugly sprayed on “oatmeal” that delaminates.

Contego has been famous for cutting-edge super thin film intumescent technology – and now has a UL intumescent deck assembly for corrugate pan decking that exceeds two hours! Contego is thin, light, smooth, green and affordable as well.

As Mel Martin, in charge of Contego’s Canadian Business Development, says “It’s not a question of if it [cementitious fireproofing] will fall off, but when.”

Contego’s adhesion of 631 PSI, according to our ASTM D4541 test, is twice that of our one closest competitor and between ten and fifteen times better than most of the rest.

Structural steel is protected with Contego’s thin film intumescent coating. You can see below the pervasive damage that spray-on fireproofing typically inflicts on steel.

spray on cementitious fireproofing pervasive damage

Here’s a shot of the two types of fireproofing side by side on steel beams.

thin film intumescent by cementitous

Of course, beams and columns also benefit from a thin film intumescent, but more on that in another post.

For now, would you prefer this:

Steel rotting under cementitious

All of that brown discoloration is the steel rotting away under the cementitious product.

Or would you prefer this:

Contego fire resistant paint goes on smooth

Historically, there were no options beyond cementitious. SFRM (Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material) was the only way to get a rating on deck systems. No more. In the past, the only other reason to continue using SFRMs was because they were perceived as being cheap. Now people are finding severe damage to their structures where SFRMs have been applied. Some damage so bad that the building can’t be spared and people are realizing a lower initial cost is a terrible bargain just a few short years down the road.

With the medical community also warning against the use of SFRMs, the potential legal liabilities make SFRMs the last thing you should use.

Now all of that has changed. For those who like UL, our new D603 intumescent deck assembly clears the way to an astonishingly thin and smooth coating that can be top coated to unleash a world of creative options.

Just as important, after reviewing the raw data, the Contego intumescent deck assembly was nowhere near failure at 2 hours, so the real rating is well beyond that mark. In the near future, we will run the same test extended to three or four hours as well as a very thin coat that is consistent with our ASTM-E119, UL-263,ULc-S101 test done at Intertek in 2009.

Most of Contego’s data on steel can be viewed here on our Steel Fire Test page.

Additional UL data can be viewed on UL’s website here.

why you do not want to use cementitious fireproofing.

Cementitious fireproofing tends to become dislodged and fall off.