FEATURE-RICH Products Like No Other Intumescent Paint

Contego passive fire barrier paint has two formulations: Original and High Solids.  Both formulations of our intumescent paint meet or exceed code requirements by providing an exceptionally effective fire barrier and do it using an amazingly thin coat that translates into an impressively low cost per square foot. Contego intumescent paint is easy to apply, water-based for easy clean-up, and fast curing. It is mold and bacteria resistant, safe for food preparation areas and not harmful to people or pets. The added fire protection gained from using intumescent paint may also decrease insurance costs.

Other features include:

  1. Completely non-toxic, non-dermatic, and non-carcinogenic.
  2. No elaborate preparation.
  3. No need for special equipment. The paint can be applied similar to any other household paint, with a brush, roller, mitt or a professional airless spray gun.
  4. Shelf life limitation 24 months.
  5. Backed by a ten year warranty – believed to be the longest warranty in the industry.
  6. The paint does not discolor, crack or fall off over time.
  7. Protects wood or wood by-products, concrete, drywall, structural steel, aluminum, polyurethane insulation.
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#16 HS Logo   ce#19 Original logo Classified UL  ulc-logo  Contego intumescent paint has warrington certifire certificationContego intumescent fire retardant paint is certified by Intertek