Drywall Fire Tests

ASTM D4017  Results of Volatile Organic Compound Content (VOC) Testing of Contego (High Solids) Intumescent

Location: KTA
Test Date: 10.16.18

Once again Contego (HS) achieves a superior zero VOC rating.

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ASTM E-119/UL U-338  “Wall Assembly Test on .500 Drywall”  (UL-263, NFPA-251, UBC-7.1, ANSI-A2.1)

Location: SwRI
Test Date:  01.31.2005

In this test, a standard U-338 assembly using 1/2” GWB on both sides of a clear pine stud wall 16” on center was used. That should have lasted for 30 minutes. However, with two coats of Contego applied, the assembly went for 1:25:15, adding over 55 minutes to the gypsum.

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ASTM D4541-09e1 “Pull-Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers”

Test Name:  ASTM-D4541-09e1
Location: KTA
Test Date: 09.25.2013

Our ASTM D-4541 test was conducted September 25, 2013 at KTA and showed over 630 PSI, more than twice that of our closest competitor and four times that of others.  Combined with results of our ASTM D3359 test using both the cross cut and ribbon cut methods with 0% loss, nothing beats Contego’s adhesion.

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ASTM D3359  “Standard Methods For Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test”

Location: Touchstone Laboratories
Test Date:  01.27.2004

Using both methods available under ASTM D-3359, adhesion was 100% with 0% paint loss by peeling or removal on a completely nonporous surface.

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NFPA 286  “Standard Methods of Fire Test for Evaluating Contribution of Wall & Ceiling Interior Finish to Room Fire Growth”

Location: Omega Point
Test Date:  08.22.2002

Contego passed the 15 minute test well within the limits of thermal performance.

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BSS 7239-88  “Test Method for Toxic Gas Generation by Materials On Combustion”

Location: Omega Point Laboratories
Test Date:  02.06.2002

We measured toxicity native in the can as well as in a burn condition using a cone colorimeter. The results show that Contego is completely non-toxic. No other product comes close.

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ASTM D4017  “Volatile Organic Compound Content”

Location: KTA
Test Date:  06.11.2007

Contego Original isn’t a LOW VOC product, it is a NO VOC product with VOC levels too low for currently available technology to detect.

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