Steel Fire Tests

ASTM D4017  Results of Volatile Organic Compound Content (VOC) Testing of Contego (High Solids) Intumescent

Location: KTA
Test Date: 10.16.18

Once again Contego (HS) achieves a superior zero VOC rating.

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ASTM D4017  “Volatile Organic Compound Content”

Location: KTA
Test Date:  06.11.2007

Contego Original Intumescent isn’t a LOW VOC product, it is a NO VOC product with VOC levels too low for currently available technology to detect.

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BXUV – Fire Resistance Ratings – ANSI/UL 263 BXUV7 – Fire Resistance Ratings – CAN/ULC-S101 

Test Name: Design No. D603 BXUV D603 Fire-resistance Ratings – ANSI/UL 263
Location: UL
Test Date: 07.17.2017

Contego now has a UL intumescent deck assembly for corrugate pan decking that exceeds two hours. Restrained Assembly Rating — 1, 1-1/2 and 2 Hr. (See Items 2 and 7) Unrestrained Assembly Rating — 1, 1-1/2, and 2 Hr. (See Items 2 and 7) Unrestrained Beam Rating — 1, 1-1/2, and 2 Hr. (See Items 2 and 7)

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UL-263/ASTM E119 “Full Scale Fire Test for Light Gauge Steel Decking, Concrete, and Beams”

Test Name:  ASTM-E119/UL-263/UBC 7.1/NFPA 251/ANSI A2.19
Location: Intertek Laboratories
Test Date: 04.16.2009

This was a full-scale fire resistance test of beams and decking with 4” of concrete. The concrete was then loaded with an additional 1038 lbs using hydraulic jacks. The test went to 174 minutes restrained for the lighter beams and decking and 176 minutes for the heavier sections.

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ASTM E-119  “Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Building Construction & Materials”
(UL-263, ULC-S101, ANSI A-2.1, NFPA 251 & UBC 7-1)

Beams & Columns at Omega Point, Revised at Intertek

Test Name:  ASTM E119-00a
Location: Omega, revised at Intertek
Test Date: 07.08.2005, revision date 8.17.2017

This was a test of various structural steel column sizes with different coating thicknesses. The lightest of the series was a W8x31 with only 50 mils of Contego, which lasted just over 1 hour. The heaviest specimen, a W12x106 with 74 mils never failed.

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Beams & Columns at Intertek

Test Name: ASTM E119-00a
Location: Intertek
Test Date: 07.08.2005

In this test, we examined the fire resistance of eight different columns with various thicknesses of the Contego coating to determine a range of possible application methods. Steel size ranged from a W8x31 to a W12x106. Coating thickness ranged from 50 mils (dft) to 76 mils (dft). The results ranged from 1 hour for the lightest steel with the thinnest coat to greater than the 2 hour limit with the heaviest steel and the second thickest coating.

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W10x49 Over application at Omega

Test Name: ASTM E119-00a
Location: OPL
Test Date: 07.21.2003

This test was designed to demonstrate the negative effects of over applying Contego’s Fire Barrier Latex. With 95 mils (dft) the full scale W10x49 went to 87:48, less than similar tests with a proper thickness – proof that you can have too much of a good thing.

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.250 Plate at V-Tech

Test Name: ASTM E119-00a
Location: VTEC
Test Date: 04.07.2003

We tested .250 plate steel after welding a flange to the midpoint to compromise the durability. (Flanges are the weak link for almost all intumescents). 73 mils (dft) of coating were applied and the test went to 2:06:00 when the average of the thermocouples exceeded the maximum allowable temperature. The char layer was 6″ thick and completely blanketed the flange.

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ASTM D4541-09e1 “Pull-Off Strength of Coatings Using Portable Adhesion Testers”

Test Name:  ASTM-D4541-09e1
Location: KTA
Test Date: 09.25.2013

Our ASTM D-4541 test was conducted September 25, 2013 at KTA and showed over 630 PSI, more than twice that of our closest competitor and four times that of others.  Combined with results of our ASTM D3359 test using both the cross cut and ribbon cut methods with 0% loss, nothing beats Contego’s adhesion.

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The Effects of Top Coating .250 Plate at SwRI

Test Name: ASTM E119-00a
Location: SwRI
Test Date: 01.08.2008

Here we evaluated the effect of a top coat of acrylic enamel using a highly flammable Rust-O-Leum alkyd based paint. The test proved that top coating actually enhances Contego’s fire resistance by 25% to 32% consistently. Similar testing with other substrates provides similar or identical outcomes.

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ASTM D3359  “Standard Methods For Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test”

Location: Touchstone Laboratories
Test Date: 01.27.2004

Using both methods available under ASTM D-3359, adhesion was 100% with 0% paint loss by peeling or removal on a completely nonporous surface.

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BSS 7239-88  “Test Method for Toxic Gas Generation by Materials On Combustion”

Location: Omega Point Laboratories
Test Date: 02.06.2002

We measured toxicity native in the can as well as in a burn condition using a cone colorimeter. The results show that Contego is completely non-toxic. No other product comes close.

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Engineering Judgments

Location: Silver Creek Engineering
Test Date: 25.08.2009

Here is a sample of an independent EJ from Silver Creek Engineering that shows how an extrapolation of existing data supports our recommendations for various mil thicknesses for steel members.

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