High Solids - Technical Performance

Contego applies like regular paint. No special tools are required.

The ORIGINAL FORMULA can be applied with a brush, roller, or standard sprayer.

The HIGH SOLIDS version can only be applied with a spray gun with 3,600 psi or greater with a .X35 or larger tip.

Both smell, feel, and apply like high-quality latex paint. The paint has a broad range of applications since the polymer base allows it to bond tightly to many different substrates. It is non-carcinogenic and non-dermatic and completely safe for use around children and pets. For most combustible substrates, two coats (14 to 20 mils dry) gives as much protection as 150 to 200 mils of older-generation intumescents, and it is much lighter and very economical to use.

Fire is the problem… Contego is the Solution!


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#16 HS Logo   #21_UL_logo  ulc-logo    ce  Contego intumescent paint has warrington certifire certificationContego intumescent fire retardant paint is certified by Intertek