Original Formula - Technical Performance

Contego applies like regular paint. No special tools are required.

Our ORIGINAL FORMULA can be applied with a brush, roller, mitt, or virtually any standard sprayer (2400psi/X21 tip).

Our ORIGINAL FORMULA has a broad range of applications since the polymer base allows it to bond tightly to almost any substrate. It is non-carcinogenic and non-dermatic, and completely safe for use around people and pets. Do you want low VOC’s? How about NO VOC’s for LEED credits or just to have and use a safer, greener product.

For most combustible substrates, two coats (14 to 20 mils dry) gives as much protection as 80 to 120 mils of older-generation intumescents and because it’s so much thinner, it is significantly lighter and very economical.

Fire is the problem… Contego is the Solution!


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Classified UL   ulc-logo #19 Original logo    ce  Contego intumescent paint has warrington certifire certificationContego intumescent fire retardant paint is certified by Intertek