Contego Fire Barrier Scores Exceptional Test Results on UL-1715

We are excited to share perhaps the most exceptional set of test results ever announced regarding any intumescent fire barrier and its ability to protect spray polyurethane foam insulation (SPF).


SPF is unmatched as an insulation product, as well as an excellent sound and moisture barrier.  It must be protected from fire, though, in any situation where the space is being occupied or used as storage.  There are a few ways to protect spray polyurethane foam insulation, but nothing matches Contego’s reactive intumescent fire barrier coating. Contego is thin, beautiful, completely non-toxic and easily applied.
Until Contego, test results were limited to a maximum of 15 minutes, which qualified it as a “thermal barrier”.  (There is a lesser rating for unoccupied space called an “ignition barrier”, but there are several products that can do this, so that is of little interest to us.)
Now all of that has changed. You can check out a live burn of spray polyurethane foam in the video below (2nd half):

Even though a few spray foam products are marketed as being fireproof, you can see that they are not. However, with two coats of Contego’s intumescent fire barrier, SPF is protected well above and beyond code requirements. Even repeated burns can’t get to the foam when coated with Contego.
Here’s the exciting part. Note that all metrics were flat by 6:00.00 and remained so until the end of the test. Had the test been able to run for multiple hours, it is only logical to assume it would have performed no differently than it did at 6:00.00. This is further supported by our EN-13823 test outcome, which you can view (here-part 1 and here-part 2), that also flat lined in under six minutes and stayed flat for an additional 20 minutes before the test was terminated. Is one hour now possible? How about two? Frankly, it would have been able to go all day.
Click here to view the formal, finished report from UL describing the results of using Contego fire barrier on GACO western foam using the UL-1715 standard.
Please see our Polyurethane Foam Fire Test page if you would like to see other Contego fire barrier tests on spray polyurethane foam insulation.